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50 Coffees: Wharririz and Why I'm not Going Ahead with it

On Sabasaba day, I put this tweet out. I had made the decision to do 50 coffees, what concept has since manifested in this website and blog. I'm now officially not going ahead with the project and here's why.

What's 50 Coffees?

So in mid 2021 I was going through a major life transition and I'd taken some time away to think the next steps through and figure out what next in my life. I don't quite remember how I came along the project but I stumbled upon Lindsay Ratowsky. Lindsay had been in a similar transition as well and in starting her project, her intention was that,

'Over the next year, I will meet with fifty of my friends and mentors to gather advice and share perspectives to help define the next chapter of my life. I'll blog about the people & experience.'

Essentially, it's an intentional and specific meeting plan to meet about 50 people to learn and listen from them but to network as well and build new or solidify existing relationships.

The project concept isn't new and is credited to a book that I haven't read yet but is on my to read list, What Colour is Your Parachute?

Initially, my intention and hope was to not only have 50 coffees but also document them on this blog, hence the standalone category, 50 Coffees. I did toy around with naming it 50 Teas or 50 Chai's because I'm a tea lover but oh well.

Eventually, I did schedule a number of coffees, with friends, family, mentors and people I looked up to over the past year and with each sit down I learnt so so much and my heart was filled with so much gratitude. I keep saying to anyone who cares to listen,

I have such a solid support system.

So why am I dropping it?

For starters, I'm swamped. I simply have too many mega projects going on that I would rather focus on at this moment and time. And conversations take time and energy!

Secondly, from the few conversations I had, it is really hard to document every outstanding thing that I learnt from each of these meetings as the meeting is going on and quite unnatural. It takes away from the vibe and flow of the conversation.

Lastly, I simply did not have consent from the people I was having sit downs with to not only glean from their experiences but publicly share them as well.

So, yes. I'm officially letting go of the 50 Coffees tab on this blog. But I think it's a great initiative, would recommend for anyone to do it and I may even go back to it. Someday.

You can read more about the project here

I discovered this Nairobae playlist on Spotify and I am absolutely loving it! Just as well that it's Valentine's weekend, wooohooo! This playlist, tea and a book, a blankie and cuddles, an entire vibe! Enjoy!

“In this life, you have to believe there’s nothing too good for you and there’s no room you don’t deserve to be in. Believe you deserve to be in those rooms and go after it. It is really hard for people to say no to you when you are the best and so I’ll tell anyone who wants to go into tech. work on your skillset. Become so good they can’t say no,” she said. - Clara Wanjiku Odero

Happy New Week! :)


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