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Connecting the Dots Backwards: Vision 2015

In launching this page I shared that this isn't the first time I'd ventured into the blogging space. Over the past few weeks I miraculously managed to recover my blogs from that time and it's been interesting to see how the more (I think) things change, the more they stay the same.

So here goes, my first ever blog post, reincarnated. I hope it makes you smile as it did for me. :)

Habakkuk 2:2-3 - Amplified Bible 2 And the Lord answered me and said, Write the vision and engrave it so plainly upon tablets that everyone who passes may [be able to] read [it easily and quickly] as he hastens by. 3 For the vision is yet for an appointed time and it hastens to the end [fulfillment]; it will not deceive or disappoint. Though it tarry, wait [earnestly] for it, because it will surely come; it will not be behindhand on its appointed day. Some time in 2013, on a certain Sunday afternoon, the sun shone its beauty upon us, without hesitation, a group of intellectually talented minds sat, involved in deep battle of the minds, I could not.. Just couldn't! and before I could say Jack Robinson she said it.. Lol I kid, had fun coming up with all those big words haha but anyways, it really was a bright Sunday afternoon and I was at a Bible study fellowship and one lady shared about Habakkuk 2. How the Lord asked Habakkuk to write down his plans, his vision down. And in reference to this how it related to our lives. Fact : God honors written visions and goals, there is spiritual backing behind it. How do I know? I have experienced it. There is no better testimonial than direct evidence (Cap 80 Laws of Kenya) but really, think of it, if I say I got horrible service at Company X, which I really did once and tell you about that experience would you wanna use their services? When 2013 was starting I was still in law school, I was going on long break and resolved not to go back to an employer I earlier had, I was working on several intern applications including a Google one that led me to the GSA programme I actually got into imagine! I would have never imagined I would have! Tell me that 12 months ago I would have laughed in your face! I was also extremely grateful for family, 2013 was really good for my family and I was in awe. So comes January, campus exams, no intern openings like none! Then we did an exercise on goal setting and writing down our plans and as I think back that was the changing factor. So I categorized my dreams and goals and I remember as I sealed my envelope ✉ that day I prayed, let all happen in accordance to your plan. So really this post is to share just a few of my goals, see how far they came and how some miserably failed. Just before I start, I came across this image and my three were : (2022 June - 'This was one of those crossword pics popular on Instagram that says, the first three you see will come true or something like that' ;)) Experience Fun Friends Experience So 1. I put down proactivity and participation in AIESEC. I joined AIESEC in 2012 and quit for a year, my excuse logistical issues, the real thing, I didn't feel right in place.. AIESEC is family so it's small and knit, everybody knows everybody and one day in the office someone just went oh newies and that just killed my psyche and since then I got excuses.. But you know what secretly, I wanted to be part of that family, so in 2014 I got more involved, my peers at that time who we'd joined with were now executive board members, my bosses were heading the national office, I knew such few people but I built it up. Lesson, no body will sort our problems for you, you must do it yourself. So fast forward to March I took up a team leader role, II was president of a committee organizing one of our two conferences and those 3 months that followed were great experience For me, sema pressure! But it has been the most fulfilling experience of my life so far. (Experience in Numbers) Just a side note maybe, so I took 4 online courses, volunteered for an amazing social trust for 2 months, among 134 Sub Saharan students who got into the prestigious Google Students Ambassador Programme, Part of a teamof 6 all under 25 entreprenurs on a leadership development youth run start up, led 2 teams, had 4 nieces and nephews and I now have an amazing job that lets me work remotely and you know what our brand motto is? Crazy and Proud! Great experience I'd say.

Fun Travel.. I have discovered a love for travelling.. the thrill and joys and each and every new perspective from each and every view makes me happy. So much beauty to take in and loads to learn with each travel. On my list, I had Meru, Uganda I didn't experience either.. but I did travel to Nakuru, Naivasha, Dubai, West Bromwich, Walsall, Birmingham, Accra Not a bad compromise ey? Lesson, Be the star of your life in 2015, be the most important person to you, everyday all day, how? By figuring out what it is you love and doing it, Only You can Make you happy - Miss Okal Friends Make friends who would build me.. my vision for 2014 was to maintain the friendships I already had and to build more amazing ones. Self evaulation: I failed to some extent. As regards keeping and maintaining the ones I already had which I'm being intentional about in 2015 but as far as making new ones, I sure did! I have global friends from places I never thought I would! These are amazing cross border people who will call me from Nigeria just to say hi, or from Cape Coast to let me know they're okay! Few people melt me, but when they do they melt my heart each and every day! Mission accomplished! Lesson, I don't know what your definition of friend has been or is for you, for me it is thinking about me and being intentional on knowing how I am doing, simple! (Hmm and people say I'm complicated lol) So I dare you, think out 2015. What do you want out of it as a social being, family, friends, relationwise, personally, financially, as the spiritual being I believe you are. What do you envision for 2015? Write it down and dedicate it before He who holds our lives. If you don't believe me let Tyrese Gibson tell you. Your feet can never go where your mind has not been - Mrs. Rose Mutonga - Disclaimer (#lawstudenttingz this is not to say it will and must surely happen just because you wrote it down, nothing comes that easy, sorry :) But then again, Faith IS a muscle that needs to be excercised. your choice. Blessed 2015 :)

Impressive no? Have a great new week!

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