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Joining THE Berkman Klein Center at Harvard University

While I was interning at the Kenya Copyright Board several years ago, my manager and now Executive Director was kind enough to allow me to attend this class, Copyright X. The class is an online session on Copyright Law - a twelve-week networked course, offered from January to May each year under the auspices of Harvard Law School, the HarvardX distance-learning initiative, and the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society. The course explores the current law of copyright; the impact of that law on art, entertainment, and industry; and the ongoing debates concerning how the law should be reformed.

From there I really immersed myself in the work that the Berkman Klein Center did then and continues to do to date and was incredibly mesmerized. I knew then, that was a space I definitely wanted to be in. 6 years later, it’s come true.

I’m thrilled to share that I’m at THE Berkman Klein Centre of Internet and Society at Harvard Law School.

As a member of the Institute of Rebooting Social Media team I will be working on reimagining social media. Looking at what it could and should be in an ideal world. I know the importance for most companies in the social media sphere to undertake actions and make changes based on evidence based findings. So I appreciate the place of this field of research especially in today's connected, yet still unequal, world.

About the Institute of Rebooting Social Media

For me – myself personally – I’m very clear on my scope and focus research area that will be Sub Saharan Africa focused. We get a chance to sit at the academic table and bring our conversations to hopefully get an even playing field.

In legal research and policy circles, a lot of time data and evidence flows geographically from the developed world and trickles to the developing world. I have often wondered why. While I do have some hunches on why, I am thrilled to have the chance to ask and examine some of these difficult questions first hand from an intellectual and academic setting.

This is such meaningful and impactful work that I cannot wait to fully delve into and immerse myself in. I am excited for new beginnings, new experiences and new learnings. While one of my truisms is,

‘Transitions are exhausting. Especially career and work, be careful when getting into new deals.’

I feel very deeply about this one and have taken months to marinate over it and make it make sense - actively thinking of the intended output and impact I’d like to have.

At the John Harvard Statue

While there's a lot I love about the 8-4-4 system of education, there's a number of issues with it that rather than enable us, disable us - especially on the global stage. Having the privilege to experience education in the US has opened my eyes to this, so this opportunity to learn, experience and impact, is a triple threat for me.

P.s. starting next week I will be pulling together some of my friends to share our experiences in coming to the US for masters for the month in what I’m calling ‘What I Wish I Knew Before Moving for Grad School in the US'

Your feet will never go where your mind has never been.

Mrs. Mutonga

Country Queen on Netflix Granted there isn’t as much Kenyan content on Netflix as the other two countries in SSA 3, Nigeria and South Africa hence why I get excited whenever a Kenyan show comes up! The show is great, has fantastic videography, good continuity, intentional placement and a thrilling story line. My absolute favorite thing is the fact that they speak swahili so nothing gets lost in translation. Highly recommend!

So, here’s to being at the world’s No.1 Academic Institution dealing with our world’s most pressing legal challenges.

Happy New Month!


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