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Keep Calm and Codeword On

Happy Sunday! Continuing with my extrapolation series of my old blogposts to this new one and I'm loving it there.

'Hi, my name is June and I am a codeword addict,...'

(Just for clarity, the codeword is a puzzle game. You have a box of numbered blanks in which we need to slot in letters of the alphabet from A - Z. The catch, you only get two or three letters to start with. So this is you with a page of boxes, loads of blank boxes that you need to figure out. Then the fun begins..)

It started like such a joke, a random past time (involved me in the kitchen making pancakes and I thought the stove was a tad too slow so I pulled out an old newspaper and started filling it in) but it's slowly catching on. One thing that has stood out for me is how like life it is.

No matter what it is we set out to do, the beginning is always the hardest. It's the most difficult, it's when you realize your vocabulary fails you haha, that your mind simply declines to move beyond the limits you set for it and remains still. You kinda need an outside in perspective. Try and look at the bigger picture, start with the end in mind and focus on the end result.

Codeword humbles you. My kind in the profession like to believe we have a way with words. So it should be easy and a walk in the park right? Wrong! You find yourself reading *uuh-gh-lee-est -> gliest that should ideally form ugliest and you realize should have been *aah-gh-lee-est. Such errors take you down low you guy! But that's life. When you think you got something to brag about, *bam* someone's done it better and bigger. .. for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself. The point is life shall humble you.

Lastly, just like the puzzle, life throws you blanks. It gives you the capability to cover a semi inch you must figure out how to cover the remaining distance. What skills or tools you choose to apply to accomplish the task is up to you. For some it's networks, using friends, for others it's stepping over people and getting there first, others work hard, gain skills and apply them.

At the end of the day the choice is yours.

Two jams are on my mind, living rent free and on high rotation: Aibu by Bien and Bensoul and Sorry by Nviiri. Is it me or is sol generation really doing the thing they set out to do?

Work hard, be diligent, do your best. Learn to depend on yourself because only you can never fail yourself. - Mum

Just one of the many nuggets from my mum. She's your backbone, protector, caregiver, first and always love.

Happy New Week!


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