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  • June


I’m finally getting this show on the road. I was just thinking about it recently and I realized that this actually isn’t my first rodeo, or my second, or my third, lol. This is my 4th website/blog or form of online and digital publication so I’m not too surprised that I’m coming back to it. Around 2015 I started a blog on blogspot and then closed it off and shut it down. I must have done such a good job at it that I can’t even seem to retrieve anywhere on the main search engine. But it was red and greyish white and black, lovely UX/UI if I do say so myself.

I am deeply introspective, borderline intense because I take things very seriously (read overly sensitive), a chronic overthinker, critical planner, recovering perfectionist, passionate professional anchored by work. I used to believe I was extroverted, now I’m almost certain that I’m introverted. I love to pen thoughts down, (recently realized that I always have) draw up lists and check them off (absolute mindgasm!), enjoy planning ahead and coming back to review those plans.

I’ve always wanted to write a book on my life, my sister keeps saying wow, another chapter (I paraphrase) but I would absolutely love to have a written record of life as I knew it. So long story short, this website and these posts are for me, very selfishly so. To be able to look back, read them and gauge how far I’ve come appreciating and remembering whatever was happening in the background with each publication but also appreciating at what strides have been made so far. It’s also to make my work easier when applying for roles that especially need a one page resume yet I feel like I’ve lived so many lives.

I absolutely love quotes (and will come back to throw those in in italics above) and Grey’s Anatomy especially the opening and closing monologues so I assure you that you shall surely find several on here. I love quotes so much that not only does Google assistant read me one each morning, but I intend to also have a special dedicated Quote of the Week section on my Nyumbani page.

A Kenyan stand - up comedian, Anto Ty makes this joke of how lawyers in Nairobi are never really just lawyers, they’re always a lawyer and something else. I’ve been joking and saying I’m a lawyer and a blogger, but now that I really think of it, I kind of am. So let’s get this ball rolling, have some amazing conversations and create something to look back to.


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