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  • June

Staying in the Know

One of the days highlights on this week's happiness calendar was on values. It said Reflect on the values that are important to you.

One of things I know for sure is that, there is no monopoly of information. I've recently been actively searching and collating news sources that have insights on what's happening on the Continent on a daily basis, with a bias to tech. Here are some of my favorite ones.

Techweez - let's start with the most biased one and get it out of the way first. So I've said on this site that Martin entrusted me with his platform and audience. I told him I saw a gap between policy and the law in tech and proposed to share my thoughts, insights and opinions. He did, 6 years later, we're still on it, albeit less actively but Techweez is an award winning digital platform that shares news, stories and opinions on all that is happening in technology across Kenya, Africa and globally.

Tech-ish - Tech-ish also is a digital media platform more focused on current events, hardware reviews and product reviews. (Including the assessment of which music streaming platform is better, ahem, Deezer). I really value the neutral and unbiased opinions shared in the reviews, just facts.

P.s. Tech-ish is also run by my good friend Dickson, so in typical friend like fashion, please bring back our newsletter and softie playlists. Please and thanks.

Movemeback - My understanding is that it started as a community for Africans and African students in the diaspora who wanted to come back home. The platform now shares opportunities on available roles back home (including my current role) but also shares news on what's happening on the Continent. The fantastic team collates news updates across Africa under thematic topics including, technology, energy, infrastructure, politics, economics, all of it, under the Pulse. I especially like the data incorporation, how they synthesize the information and share it seamlessly.

Quartz Africa - Part of my Sunday evening/Monday routine is reading both QZ Africa and Movemeback. Similar to Movemeback's round up, Quartz shares updates on what has happened in the past week across Africa in a well done newsletter (Quartz Africa Weekly Brief ). I especially like the song recommendation where the editor shares what song/album the week's post was made to.

Africa Daily - I'm sure Alan Kasujja is tired of my tweets but I really enjoy his podcast! Managed by BBC and supported by advertising, Alan hosts the podcast and tackles a different news item every day from across Africa. Through his podcast i learnt about akasaa music in Kumasi (Kumerika) Ghana, the realities of the Sahel region, an understanding of South Africa's recent arson case, the status of endometriosis in Uganda and a bit more about AFCON ongoing in Cameroon.

Still on podcasts, I just discovered BBC World Service Africa Today's podcast. About 30 mins of updates of the main stories making news across Africa on that day. Voice of America also has an Africa dedicated podcast that runs daily and shares news from the Continent in more insight. Because of how in depth their coverage is, it is much longer so I listen in while getting ready for the day or when on the move.

Curated SSA News list - The place of social media in sharing and collation of news is unarguable. Whereas radio still remains the most predominant form of information dissemination, social media is also coming up the ranks and I'm happy to see 'traditional' media in Africa plug in as well. As such, I curated a list of media houses across Sub Saharan Africa whose news I follow keenly here. Anyone you think I should add? Please let me know!

Today, I'm loving SafariLink. So I've very recently taken an appreciation for efficient travel to see my Dani in Ugenya and have strangely never flown from Wilson. I just did for my first time and my oh my, how seamless it was. The service at Wilson was easy and quick, no traffic like JKIA and service by SafariLink pretty good. While change is the only constant in life, this week me i am loving SafariLink.

Progress over perfection.

Have a great week ahead. Show love, share love, be love.


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