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  • June

Staying Open and Curious

Since we last spoke, a number of interesting things have happened. One of the most important ones is that spring is here and together with it, I’m blooming and opening up. And I love this for myself.

Top of mind for me this week has been my daily Happiness Calendar highlights. So I thought to take some time, look back at five key highlights of the past few weeks of the month and walk through those that stood out for me.

5. Be Curious About People

We’re all a culmination of life experiences, what we’ve been uniquely exposed to and other factors beyond our control. Whenever you see someone, you can’t tell what they’ve gone through simply by just looking at them. The only way to learn about them is by asking and listening when they respond.

4. Listen more

This is closely linked to the earlier plug on curiosity. The day's activity focuses on active listening through a 7 step exercise on how to listen empathetically, ask the right questions and how to react to whatever information is shared with you.

3. Ask for Help at Work

While this was uniquely addressed to work, I felt this because it had been pointed out earlier to me. Some of us prefer to do it all by ourselves because of how our minds envisage the execution or because we don’t want to bother and burden others. Generally, think of some area where you could use a little help. Maybe you are struggling with a task and would benefit from another person's opinion or expertise. That's what social ties are for. To help hold you up when you're unable to.

2. Be Vulnerable

My sister and I absolutely love Brene Brown and Esther Perel. Especially because of their focus on vulnerability and elements of shame. The older I’ve gotten the more I’ve come to appreciate the place of honesty and vulnerability in friendships and relationships. Vulnerability is uncomfortable, it's exposing, it's like laying bare your weakness and lowlights to another person and trusting, praying and hoping that they come through for you. That they have your back. There is a 50/50 chance that it may go south. But even then, at least you will have learnt or experienced something new and hopefully learnt from it. So go on, be vulnerable and you just may surprised. “It might, indeed, be beneficial to try to overcome one’s fears and to choose to see the beauty in the mess of vulnerable situations.”

1. Take a Mindfulness Quiz

Mindfulness according to me is the practice of being present in the moment. This quiz results actually surprised me because I thought I was very aware and in tune with everything that happens around me. But after this quiz I realized, my level of intentional awareness isn’t what it used to be and I’d like to actively like to take the time to bring it back up to what it was. Finding a flow and system that works. That thrives. Not just survives.

Me I love the fact that with spring comes the sun and warmth as well as the fact that time has sprung forward and we have an hour of extra sleep now. I’m here for all of it. Please and thanks.

I like to think that I’m pretty smart, sometimes :) but one of my key life mantra’s that I know to be true is this three pronged statement.

Believe people when they show you who they are.
Listen. Listen to people's words and what they are saying.
Ask. Whenever in doubt, just ask. And for the love of God, if you’re on the being asked end, please be honest.

Have a great week y’all.

Longest month of the year is almost done and we survived it :) (P.s. I couldn't find scientific evidence to back this statement so let's go with hearsay.)


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