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Hi, my name is June, I'm a Lawyer and a Blogger

Hi please! (Response is hae very much, it's Kenyanese, just flow with me.)

Happy New Year! 2022 is here with us, and like many of us, it represents a time of new beginning, freshness, revitalization, like hitting the refresh button.

While reviewing my 2021, I realized that writing kept me sane and put. As shared on Mwanzo,

... these posts are for me, very selfishly so. To be able to look back, read them and gauge how far I’ve come appreciating and remembering whatever was happening in the background with each publication but also appreciating what strides have been made so far.

Under this Sunday Musings segment, I intend to pen an article each Sunday, for the next 52.

I will have a segment known as Me I love. 'Me I' is a Kenyanism, yes we speak the Queen's English and realize it is a duplicate statement but it is a phrase we use a lot and US WE like it.

The section will highlight anything I reckon great to share, ranging from songs, playlists, vendors, products, services, articles, news pieces, tea, deals, books, videos, content, etc. that stand out for me in the course of that week.

Peperuka even has an apparel line on these.

how lovely it’s been. and how lovely it will always be. i am kneeling before you. saying thank you. i am sending my love to your eyes.

may they always see goodness in people.

and may you always practice kindness.

may we see each other as one.

may we be nothing short of in love with everything the universe has to offer. and may we always stay grounded. rooted. our feet planted firmly onto the earth.

- a love letter from me to you

Rupi Kaur - Milk and Honey

Me I Love

On this week's Me I love, I'm loving UC Berkeley's Daily Happiness Calendar. It shares a daily act that is meant to increase or improve your wellness and wellbeing. You can subscribe here and add it to your calendar.

P.s. if you don't get the title reference do watch this IGTV by the hilarious Anto Ty.

Happy New Week. 1/52 down.

PC: My good friend and talented photographer George Kamau of Artlight Studios who you can reach on


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